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LED Wall
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LED Wall


Let the display not only be a display, but also an ancient word, a poem, a painting, a combination of visual and artistic creativity, and perfectly integrate the background into the scene.
Boxlight LED Wall Catalog (381 KB)
InnovLED Makes the World Brilliant.
When power off, "traditional monitors" are always black screens.
Have you feel dumb or boring for the black screens? "InnovLED" makes the world BRILLIANT. Are you ready?
► Traditional display power off on standby.
► InnovLED display power off on standby but still has fixed image.
► InnovLED display power on and see the video image.
InnovLED upholds the Boxlight brand spirit.
Innovative: It's not only black screen but colorful artwork.
Approachable: The aesthetic artwork creates the delightful mood for all spectators.
Trusted: High quality production process catches the spectator's confidence.
► It is clearer in Brightness and colors.
► High refresh rate.
► Different style.
► For interior decoration and outdoor landscape.
► Low power consumption.
► Surface material is heat-resistant, moisture-proof, UV-resistant and no fade.

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