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LCD Video Wall
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Commercial video display
Image quality has a strong demand in the high-end commercial exhibition venues. LCD digital signage not only can meet the FHD resolution on one screen, after splicing but still can reach 4K, 8K or higher resolution, which is widely used in the high - end shopping mall , hotel lobby, and commercial performances….. and so on.
Video conference
With the rapid economic development, in order to adapt to the pace of high-speed office, video conferences are becoming more and more widely used in large enterprises. As a high resolution large-screen display, the LCD TV wall has been widely used in video conferences.
Support 7/24 hrs continuous operation
BOXLIGHT digital signage / TV wall with ultra-narrow bezel supports horizontal / vertical display. You can schedule to play the contents of the electronic signboard without any external device. It can be stand-alone displayed or spliced as a video wall. It is widely used in various industries for advertising or big data monitoring. It is the best weapon for shops, enterprises and administrative agencies!
Easy installation and operation
“Simply plug in the HDMI or Display Port to connect the media device to the ED09 / ED35, and you can transfer the high-resolution video content to different locations. Without a splitter, you can achieve a multi-display single-image TV wall.”
Insert the USB flash drive into the first ED09 / ED35 of the TV wall connected by the HDMI daisy chain and you can play the multimedia content immediately by using the Boxlight simple software interface.
With ED09 / ED35, you can use Boxlight simple software to transmit, control and manage the video, audio and video content of the video wall via Ethernet (RJ45) remotely.
Large educational training center
With the advancement of technology and the Internet, the knowledge learning has become more significant and the professional knowledge or skills to be learned have become more sophisticated. Hence, education or professional training is relatively important. Through the large-display and high-definition LCD TV wall, learners can watch the display data clearly and focus on the trainner information to improve learning effectiveness and quality.
Monitoring center
The LCD TV wall has unique spec in high resolution, soft images, beautiful colors, large color saturation, wide viewing angles, and narrow stitching. Therefore, it is widely used in public safety monitoring centers, command and dispatch centers, and traffic command centers. In addition, the product can be seamlessly integrated with various securities monitoring equipment such as matrix, decoder, image processor and so on.
Colorma® color calibration system
Colorma® is a brilliant color calibration system which can eliminates manual operation and stand-alone adjustment process to allow you to save time, enhance efficiently and correct the picture color of the TV wall accurately. No need for manual, troublesome stand-alone adjustments and the possibility of human error!
Schedule management, play at any time
Easy software editing, setting playback schedules, creating periodic program or screen playback at different times of the day or pausing playback at specific times, without time restrictions.